Scary demons, poison watersThe unknown for me is scary. Sometimes, fear grips me, and I become very immobile. I admit this is a life-long exercise, and most times, I WIN.

I can count my demons, and wonder, how will I ever be able to put one foot in front of the other, to fill a blank page with my imagination? Am I alone in this thought? Writing cultivates fear. It strips away all clothes and reveals a writer’s words—naked—or the world to either love or hate. Continue reading


Photo of Summer time scrawled into beach sand near surf. Summer brings many things to mind, and one is the sense of space I had as a child. School recess went from June to September. Summer brings many things to mind, and one is the sense of space I had as a child. School recess went from June to September. A grin filled my face when the final bell rang. Happiness meant a reprieve from classmates who got on my nerves and unimaginative teachers, whose play-book was rule-driven. Finally, freedom from peer pressure about which suitable school (aka-hip) outfits to wear, or how to maneuver a full-throttle class load (parents insisted on me maintaining honors). Continue reading


Conversations over coffee blogAs a result of meeting several women in a book club, I belong to a conversational group, gathering monthly at various coffeehouses around town.

There aren’t requirements, other than to make the time (about two hours) for weekend coffee. Attendance of writers, students, artists, retirees, self-employed, and newcomers to town varies between eight to a dozen. Continue reading


fear chases shadow statement reflected in shadow image, empty desk, empty desk chairThere are times when fear chases my shadow and I wonder why I’m not where I think I should be in my life. With promise of an agent reviewing my latest novel, The Last Merry Go Round, I feel I can breathe a little knowing validation will soon be on the horizon.

However, a thought keeps nagging me: Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Continue reading

Melted Snowflakes

Melted snowflakes image, mirroring title of blogDECEMBER comes earlier this year. Advertising was bumped up to the beginning of October where I live, with merchants’ holiday decorations, to gift suggestions, to those little Christmas jingles stuffing your ears with sounds of the coming—December 25th, two months away! Trees downtown strung with twinkling lights the beginning of November and store window displays earnestly competing with Macy’s (which takes up a whole downtown square block). A gigantic decorated tree displays in the center of downtown. Continue reading


Grateful: Feeling or showing an appreciation for something done, received, or to 
someone… English Oxford Living Dictionary

Years back, I was on my way to lunch in Hollywood with a woman I’ve known for now, nearly 30 years. Our friendship was oil and water. There were times when it was easy being in her A lost friendship, a broken chain in years of friendship.presence, and times, when the conversation was a lecture and criticism on her part. To be honest, after much contemplation, I sank our friendship. It became difficult for me to be a passenger in such murky waters. Continue reading