Intentional Fearlessness

As a writer I love to write fiction, and read it as well; my imagination soars when I begin typing. The best part of creating a story is making the characters realistic. I’m not so concerned with what’s in a room, but more of WHY a person is in the room. My technique of realism focuses on character-driven fiction, crafting a page turning story with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  I draw on life’s coloring book of dreams, goals, conflicts, and challenges, leading to a resolution the reader can identify with and appreciate given the characters’ story. Note:  I don’t believe in flat, happy-ever-after-endings. I do; however, trust endings bringing the characters full circle grasping and solving their dilemmas.

Watching British Television Dramas has been a pivotal classroom sparking my creativity. I believe the writing is intentional fearlessness. The storylines are three-dimensional plots giving the viewer a rollercoaster ride ending far too soon. My aspiration and personal goal is do the same with my own novels. I feel this is the same with the writers I’ve been networking with. Yeah, it’s the sales that count, but the story is the bigger fish.
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