March is also a Renewable Month

Luck has nothing to with your life. I repeat, luck has nothing to do with your life. Making simple, intentional changes to your routine—such as exercise, sleep, and mindfulness—can help improve your well-being, extending and making the most of your life. I’ve learned and have practiced this philosophy, since years ago, from taking yoga and meditation at a well-respected studio located in Santa Monica, California.

Lessons absorbed… Choices are not unintentional or random. They’re made with purpose, common sense. and intuition. As settling one’s thoughts gets harder, the more hectic and bogged down the day-to-day becomes. We need transitional twists and curves into a closer realm of intentional living. Hint: This is one reason why I chose Portugal.

Portugal by the sea

Porto’s charm extends far beyond its world-famous port wine, offering a vibrant blend of history and culture.

Believe me, as I’ve drastically morphed, there are moments I still wonder, even in this harmonious place, have I done the right thing? I ask myself these questions all time: Am I making the best choice? What if this decision turns out to be the wrong choice? Did I rush to roll the dice? Was my anxiety to move on done with clarity? Am I living in the moment? What is the real end-goal? I think everyone asks these questions, no matter where they live, and, for me, it feels a normal part of discovery.

I say this to answer the inquiring minds, even as they’ve known me for years… small things causing me pain made me focus on an alternative picture. Breaking down my long-term goals into weekly and daily objectives forced microscopic planning. The hardest part? Not getting distracted from outside criticisms.

I remember what my yoga teacher taught: “Distractions from the outside world will make us think luck is against you. To move forward, focus energy, attention, and time—set a foundation of what is most valuable. Practice clearing your mind. Concentrate on the present moment, “micro-meditation.” And this has been my time-honored ritual, “Inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of seven, and exhale for a count of eight.” As I’ve mastered this, a mindful intuition takes over. Decisions made are encased with gratitude, and I’m able to obtain comfort even when in self-doubt of the journeys ahead.

Writers write for a variety of reasons—as a creative endeavor, to clarify or share an idea, as a source of income, to respond to a muse, to play with words, etc. I use micro-meditation as a solace to write. I use my words to inspire my soul. I don’t know how many words I’ll continue to pen in my lifetime. Intuition is my North Star. I’m focusing on three demanding projects. And I maintain meeting people who’ve gathered in a country, because their compasses led them here. We’re not calling it luck, but a thorough plan to improve our well-being, for extending and making the most of our lives.

Luck, or what I consider intentional purpose, allows living in another country with an objective of a longer, more self-determined life.

Here are pictures of where I mediate now, not that far from where I live. Time is something I value.

Portugal roof tops.

Portugal meandering river

I found a haven of greenery and panoramic vistas at the Crystal Palace, a tranquil retreat in Porto’s city center.



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Robert K Rouse
Robert K Rouse
4 months ago

Thanks for the pictures.

Kimberly Cushing
Kimberly Cushing
4 months ago

Beautiful! And I can see why you chose that place!!!