Sitting and Watching the Parade Pass By

Sitting and Watching the Parade Pass ByIf you listen with your eyes and hear with your mind, clarity will amaze, surprise, and dumfound, because we’ve been previously preoccupied. Whatever life holds, surprises are entwined into micro bombs throwing us off track. Getting back on track, for me, is a continuous task forcing me to sit down and take serious stock of what’s going on.

Saturated over the past months are clues as to what the future parade holds. To be honest, as I consume, plan, and anticipate, it’s overwhelming and exhausting looking at the next year(s), and packing into my mind a future of desirable sound bites of less stress.

I’ve looked at my life and wondered how can I listen and see more? How can I push aside the unnecessary for an existence of comfortable and useful reality? How can I watch the parade instead of marching in line with everyone else? Yes, I’m thinking individuality more than conforming. Continue reading