Intentional Fearlessness

As a writer I love to write fiction, and read it as well; my imagination soars when I begin typing. The best part of creating a story is making the characters realistic. I’m not so concerned with what’s in a room, but more of WHY a person is in the room. My technique of realism focuses on character-driven fiction, crafting a page turning story with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  I draw on life’s coloring book of dreams, goals, conflicts, and challenges, leading to a resolution the reader can identify with and appreciate given the characters’ story. Note:  I don’t believe in flat, happy-ever-after-endings. I do; however, trust endings bringing the characters full circle grasping and solving their dilemmas.

Watching British Television Dramas has been a pivotal classroom sparking my creativity. I believe the writing is intentional fearlessness. The storylines are three-dimensional plots giving the viewer a rollercoaster ride ending far too soon. My aspiration and personal goal is do the same with my own novels. I feel this is the same with the writers I’ve been networking with. Yeah, it’s the sales that count, but the story is the bigger fish.

Below is the first paragraph of the story I’m writing, called The Last Merry Go Round.  My completion target is this summer.

An excerpt from C.L. Charlesworth's next book, The Last Merry Go Round

I think within a short frame we understand and identify Diane and Richard’s relationship. The sentence I’m most proud of reads: And I can say with full honesty, sitting across the table from Richard, in our twenty eight years of marriage, the word yes has brought me little happiness.

This little passage I wrote in one sitting sets the tone for the whole plot of what happens to this couple. Believe me, the twists and turns are unexpected.

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Joyce A
Joyce A
7 years ago

Can’t wait to read what happens. In just a few sentences, I’m liking the character already!