The end of the year, and is it any clearer?

As my grandmother often said, “All we need is a mustard seed of faith.”


And then the day came

When the risk

To remain tight

In a bud

Was more painful

Than the risk

It took

To bloom

 (An excerpt from a poem by Anais Nin)

Soon this year will leave behind scattered crumbs of things undone, forgotten, and disregarded.

And… January embraces new hope.

It is my wish that we take what went wrong in 2022 and remix it with what can be accomplished in 2023.

Often fearing risks and the unknown hinders progression. I hope this trepidation pushes all of us in the NEW YEAR to embrace the enormous challenges ahead—not just for 2023—but for the unforeseen future.

If we thrust our courage into action, maybe the solutions we strive for can (and will be) attainable.

As my grandmother often said, “All we need is a mustard seed of faith.”



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Calvin Harris H. W.,M
Calvin Harris H. W.,M
1 year ago


What an encouraging New Years Message.

Michael Conner
Michael Conner
1 year ago

Anais Nin was just such a gallant soul as a woman who broke through many cultural, spiritual, and artistic barriers. I hope she becomes a dominant figure once again as an example and light in these modern times. Thanks again as always for your thoughtfulness.

Donna Pizzi
Donna Pizzi
1 year ago

Thanks, Cheryl, for reminding me of my passion for Anais Nin’s works. I, too, have a collection of them that I covet. Your words of encouragement are well taken during a time of turmoil for us and for the world. God Bless you and your writing life.