The North Star Is Still Important

progress and decay, The North Star is Still Important Dec blogI wanted to break the tradition of  me writing December’s blog. My dear friend and poet, Michael Conner, gave me permission to post what, I think, is a brilliant poem. It is from his book Canto Sun (published by Invisible College Publishing).


Progress and Decay

Progress sits on top of decay

like a Roman candle

We witness the brilliant flare

leaving in its wake

the ashes of dead systems,

and frightened men

who fought hard

to press on to the bitter end

of their dying composition.

Each period piece calibrates

the brilliance and peace

of the burn

stretched from the quay

across blood stained verse

Every aspect of human condition

seems enhanced or diminished

by this movement

Swift currents deploy to silence

The sovereignty of present tense

marks our passage.

-Michael Conner


I choose Michael’s poem because it echoes 2021. There is sadness in society fighting for survival. We debate:  political party agendas, government mandates, individual rights, and religious beliefs on the world’s most grievous pandemic—even after IT has killed (and continues) millions, upon millions, upon millions. We witness global warming temperatures of 115 degrees in Portland, Oregon, and astoundingly, snow in Hawaii. Continuous deaths are perpetuated by guns on innocent people. The Invisibles, I call those living second-to-minute in squalor–tents, have us pointing fingers and whispering, “It’s not my problem. Look what they’ve done to my city.” And political knives have sliced families, divided states, and seeded attacks on our National Capitol.

The North Star is Still Important, Dec blogYet, I remain in child-like optimism, that the symbolism of The North Star (I can still see on a clear night) will guide our planet.

             The New Year, 2022, celebrates what can be, and not what is.

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Zoe Robinson
Zoe Robinson
2 years ago

Thanks, Cheryl . . . and Michael. Yes, we still need to remain with an open awareness in a state of trust . . . with warm love to you, Michael and Tom, Zoë

Gwyllm Llwydd
2 years ago

One of Michael’s most moving poems.
One can order his book of delightful works at his website: Canto Sun –

Terrie S. Rouse-Rosario
Terrie S. Rouse-Rosario
2 years ago

Resilience leads to hope, which is the history of humankind!

Susan Peskura
Susan Peskura
2 years ago

Thank you for this message of optimism during these dark and stressful times.

Edythe Chaney
Edythe Chaney
2 years ago

What an awesome poem!… Thanks for sharing… makes you really think of appreciate waking up in the morning, whatever situation you’re in, you’re given another chance and opportunity to try and make things better. Some people that went to bed last night, did not get up this morning, so be grateful for everyday! Somehow, we’ll get thru this!!