Hitting the Mark

Hit the mark, image shows stack of books with hat an dtie, and apple in center of targetWriting is a job, a skill, a passion, and a journey.  In all its hard work, there is nothing better than seeing the results, of what took a VERY long time laboring.  Finding my path, and hitting the mark—it is tremendously rewarding receiving the praise of what I’ve written.

My novel, The Last Merry Go Roundtakes a knife and skillfully slices off the skin of marriage—will be released before the end of 2019.

“The brief segment I found in the ‘Future Books’ section of your blog site already tells much about Diane, so poignantly depicted as ‘lost between the beginning and end’ of her husband’s sentences. I must say this is one of the best descriptions of suffocating repression I’ve ever read. I also came across the Toni Morrison quote you’ve clearly chosen to live by. You’re obviously flying with little or nothing weighing you down.”‘-Irene Kavanagh, Owner, Final Writes Editing & Writing Services

I dedicate this novel to all people trapped and lost somewhere between the beginning, middle, and end.

This is the opening passage, setting the tone.

The Beginning – The Normal Life

First thoughts today:  the coffee is cold. And I can say with full honesty, sitting across the table from Richard, in our twenty-eight years of marriage, the word yes has brought me little happiness. I know and believe from all I’ve come to accept, the longer I stare at the kitchen’s cracked plastered wall in need of repair; this image symbolizes our love and marriage. The light in a once romantic and naive sixteen-year-old falls dimmer and dimmer. Oblivion paints a foregone conclusion. If only Richard cared to listen. But this isn’t the morning. He’s too happy. His shaven face energizes and re-energizes the more he talks. The patient wife doesn’t interrupt. A dutiful smile passes from her face to his. Richard is who I am, and what I am is lost between the beginning and the end of his sentences.

I’m proud of the story and share below the book cover:

Book front and back cover Art for The Last Merry Go Round written by c.l. charlesworth due out end of November 2019

[UPDATE: NOV. 05, 2019] The Last Merry Go Round is currently available on Kindle and in Paperback and will soon be available through all book sellers, both on-line and in brick and mortar shops. Your review will be lovingly appreciated!


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4 years ago

Congratulations! I’m so excited for your great accomplishment. I can’t wait to sit down to read your book from cover to cover.