“Life, even in the hardest times, is full of moments to savor. They will not
come this way again—NOT IN THIS WAY.” Paula Rinehart

Fear has mountedThe kitchen calendar made me shake my head. Fear has mounted since the beginning of the year. Much of the last six months, my writing is bundled into short sessions of creativity. I laugh, for this is the first time in a long while; I’m not bound by a regular job. Happiness should be defined by my own schedule. Yet, COVID has changed everything and made me think I need a stronger lifeline.

I rediscovered a list I made (dated March 6, 2010) in a notebook. How ironic, ten years later, this list is still necessary:

  • Less clutter
  • Focus only on the things that make the most difference
  • Less distractedness
  • Less on your to-read list, less on your to-watch list, less that you have planned
    because you’ve let go of needing to read and watch and do everything that looks

A Stronger Lifeline, image shows desperate rescueA stronger lifeline, I think, is a review of what was once ideal. I’ve spoken to friends, and NO ONE saw the state of their lives as it is today. NO ONE anticipated the year 2020 being an incomprehensible abyss.

Especially in a time when so many things feel unpredictable, perhaps a sound strategy should be learning to let go of my intense expectations—and instead hold the things I love a bit more loosely. I have them now, and tomorrow may not be what I want, or need.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced me to consider how I can use my resources well. A shifting of global circumstances has encouraged me to see what I already have as enough. Wanting more is more to think about, and my true value is my dear friends and family.

I do believe, not just as a writer, but a person invested in this world; mankind is determined. Nothing can destroy us. Every day people are coming together for a common cause—and that is to BE and STAY ALIVE—all we need is a stronger lifeline.

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Teresa Parmele
3 years ago

This year has been incomprehensible. Great insights, as always!

Terrie Rouse-Rosario
Terrie Rouse-Rosario
3 years ago

The current situation has reinforced the fact that “survival” and “adaption” are the instincts that have propelled human beings and most living things on the planet. These will remain the factors that will shape the future.

3 years ago

Yes! This year has been a real challenge and it’s not over yet. Here’s hoping the next few months will ” give us a break”!… One thing to think about is, when you wake up tomorrow morning, keep this in mind… “You’re on top of the ground and it’s not on top of you”!!

M. Short
3 years ago

Cheryl, Great website and blogs. i look forward to seeing more

Shari Roberts
Shari Roberts
3 years ago

Beautiful article and so very true. I personally see the societal and personal impacts of COVID-19 to be one of the best times in my life. It afforded me the opportunity to begin a career in writing. I believe it is the people who could see beyond the fear and recognize the beauty that are the ones thriving now and will be in the future. Thank you for your beautiful perspective.