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The Ears That Have Eyes by CL Charlesworth.

How do I start? I guess, first, to say welcome to my world full of nooks and crannies, full of treasures, adventures, and secrets.

As a writer, I use my imagination to paint vivid imagery that’s page-turning fiction. My natural gift of storytelling was opened years before I thought about being a writer. It started in my hometown, Youngstown, Ohio. My father, a steel mill worker, had certain television shows he loved. Aside from our many family road trips — TV was Dad’s escape from a dangerous job that eventually killed him at age 52 after he contracted black lung disease. When his work schedule interrupted, Dad asked me to watch his favorite programs and tell him what he missed. I was finishing elementary school, when I perfected the on-the-spot-jaw-dropping- storytelling. I amazed myself at how I could hold Dad’s attention as if those television characters were our neighbors.

All though school, the knack of writing soared, but I wanted to become a modern jazz dancer, move to New York City, and make it big with a company like The Alvin Ailey Dance Group. However, a car accident halted all dreams of high kicks and effortless moves. Journal writing and my first story when I was a naive 22-year-old, The Last Merry-Go-Round, stung me as hard as a bee. My writing teacher said I had the chops but not the experience to write such a torrid love story. Hence, common sense took over and I put my dreams on hold. Occasionally, I’d dabble here and there writing stories, but just tucked them away. I lived in Los Angles and there was a writer, actor, singer, and dancer on every block! My lack of confidence and fear of rejection pulled me into my world of secret writing. Yes, I was a closet writer for more years than I care to think.

A series of events—grandparents, parents, and friends’ deaths slapped me hard. Life was too short. Failure was better than nesting and waiting for that perfect opportunity. So, here I am with a soon-to-be-published book: The Ears That Have Eyes, and a list of titles waiting in the wings–Ronald’s Umbrella, I Lived Through My Death, Dead Flowers, and yes—The Last Merry-Go-Round.

I invite you into my world to share stories and thoughts. Enjoy an excerpt from my first book below:

The First Story—excerpts from Chapter One–The Ears That Have Eyes.

Why did I choose THAT title? Actually, the main character, Stephanie spoke inside my head. What she sees as a child changes her and what she learns as an adult about herself and her mother is not what she thought her life was or would turn out.

How long did it take me write The Ears That Have Eyes? It took me six months to finish. I put it away for two years until life no longer got in the way of drilling down to editing and finishing the project.

Here’s a snippet of Chapter One:

The Ears That Have Eyes by CL Charlesworth.

“I learned from my mother, who was once one of the highest paid fashion models, that great beauty opened doors. She never left home without impeccable attire, full makeup, and photo-ready hair. She said a woman’s sexuality was better than an American Express card, if used right, the rewards were much better. Mother said her money was for pleasure and not for rent, food, or life’s other necessities. She had men–lots of men–whose generous wallets and bank accounts gladly emptied into her hands.”

Events: May 2015

The Ears That Have Eyes is launched in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and e-readers.
National and international marketing campaign.


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9 years ago

Congratulations Cheryl, out of the closet at last and stretching those wings.
Wishing you much luck and sending lots of love your way. Mary

9 years ago

My sister you are well versed with the imagination. I love the excerpt from the book “The Ears That Have Eyes”. GOD bless you on your endeavors and may the doors of prosperity open that you never would imagine.

Donna Pizzi
9 years ago

Cheryl: I just sat down to read “The Ears That Have Eyes” and in just a few short hours have read more than a third of the book. It’s a real page-turner – a healthy cross between “50 Shades of Grey” and a Joan Collins potboiler – with quite a few moral dilemmas along the way that bring the characters out of the stratosphere and ground them and their tales in the earth’s soil. Well done! Can’t wait to see “Family Band” follow, which holds a special place in my heart, having worked on it with you for so long. Very proud of you!!! Bravissima…

Nixon N. Issangya
8 years ago

I am inspired for what you are doing:
Far from Africa.

Marilyn Herrington Grounds
Marilyn Herrington Grounds
8 years ago

Congratulations – it always feels good to complete goals!
I want to read more!